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Apple New Macbook Air – Strike the Market


In New York Apple introduced its new model of MacBook that is called AIR which is most light weighted MacBook of Apple.

Macbook Air Specifications:

In MacBook Air there is many new specification that is not exist in previous models, they are as follow; its retina display is 13.3 inches that is very sharp, its display has better color combinations and it also has slim outer frame that is much better than old model of MacBook.


Apple introduced new Touch ID for fingerprint unlocking;this function was also in old model of MacBook. For security purpose Apple also introduce T2 security chip to enhance security. In new model of MacBook Apple introduces third generation butterfly keyboard with specific highlights. This third generation butterfly keyboard also has Force Touch track pad which is 20% bigger than old models of MacBook.

In MacBook Air audio system also becomes improved. Apple claim that its voice is 25% more loudly than previous models and its bass is double time louder, stereophonic sound is also wide.


Audio has also been improved on the new MacBook Air. Apple says it’s 25% louder and has twice the bass and wider stereophonic sound than older models.It also has two USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports. You can connect your MacBook with outer display through these ports. It also has headphone jack.

Apple introduced Intel’s eighth-generation dual-core chip in MacBook Air that is up to 16 GB of RAM. Its SSD storage is 60% faster than old models. Its capacity is up to 1.5 terabytes (1,500 GB).Its battery timing is also very good like up to 13 hours.


If we look at its display we come to know that its shape is totally new for market that is different from older models. Its volume is 17% more, 10% slim, and weight is 2.75 pounds lighter than previous models of MacBook. This model is made from recycled aluminum that is without any combination and totally pure in nature. Apple introduces 3 colors of MacBook Air, silver, grey and rose gold. Its price is $1,199. If you want to buy this you can use pre order method to confirm your MacBook Air.


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