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Apple Announced New MacBook Air And iPad Pro


On Tuesday Apple revive its lesser products in New York. They include iPhone functions in iPad Pro,e.g. Face remembrance. They also include quick processor and high quality display in Mac computers that need no modernization for many years. Apple introduces this MacBook on Wednesday 7 November 2018. In 2018 Apple introduce many products in market. Some of these products demand too much money as compare to other products.

Apple Company in California presents new model of iPad Pro that is much better than tablets and also beat Microsoft technology in market.This iPad Pro has slim outer frame and also wide screen that has more space. Face recognition function for unlock the iPhone is new in it.

Apple boost their prices for iPad Pro from 799$-999$ for different types of models, so they claim sale on previous models which have old version.

To attract market attention likes Microsoft Apple use to start working with opera house; they also start partnership with Adobe and Auto desk and also use their functions in new iPad Pro. They hire the graphic designer of Microsoft to use the technology of Surface tablets.

In 2010 Mac sale is the poorest sale of Apple; their sale fell down 13% in 2010 while next year they cover this lose only 1%.They only earn 5% in whole year. This is a biggest lose for Apple.



Apple introduces the new model of MacBook in 2011 with high quality display, slim outer frame and set its prices 1199$.

Carolina Milanesi said that;

“Apple knows they have a very loyal user base that will be willing to spend the money.”

As compare to old version the new models work with Intel processors but in these models Apple introduces new security functions to secure your device. Apple introduces new products in market e.g. iPhone new models and watches but when you compare the old models you come to know that iPhone earn more income as 141.3 billion$.

Apple introduces new technologies in iPhones, iPad and Mac to show that people really want this type of technology and never forget these technologies. But Mac technology is not easy to understand. You understand this technology with time. Apple will introduce this model of MacBook in July. Apple targets the PC Marketwith this MacBook. In 2010 IPads attract the attention of market and become the most popular tablets.


Microsoft uses hybrid techniques to operate their system especially for their tablets and laptops, same techniques are now use by Apple, in iPad Pro uses the same system as use in iPhones. If you use iPad Pro for the first time you can also use USB-C port for outer display. If you attach keyboard with it, you can work better than laptop. If you use this device with your computer devices you can use iPad pro properly. Apple estimated to earn approximately 212039$ with this iPad Pro in future.

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