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Syed Shaz Gilani

shaz gilani

“Dreams come true” may be an idiom for others but for Syed Shaz Gilani, this is an ambition because he believes that behind every success there is an idea and if you want to achieve something, you must have a vision.

And his vision is to peep in the world through visualization; either it is camera, words, inspiration or motivation all the way through writing and speaking skills …!!!

In history, you will find so many persons who saw a dream and then they work hard to change this in reality.

Alexander the Great, dreamt to conquer the world and he reached the very last corner of the known world at that time.

Al Suleiman the Magnificent, an Ottoman Emperor, dreamt to defeat the super powers of Europe. He strolled down all Christian powers under his irony steps.

Thomas Alva Edison was an American Businessman and it was his vision or dreams that now we know him as Prolific Inventor.

Saying of Thomas Alva Edison that “Genius is one percent inspiration ninety nine percent perspiration.” He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world.

Edison has 1,093 US patents in his name.

Having MBA in Marketing and full command on finance with experience of various companies, Syed Shaz Gilani strived to follow Edison for capturing the world in one eye, so he choose the camera at first hand.

He used his extraordinary talent to follow rapidly changing pace of technology and stole success at every step with handling camera. His work is unbelievable and stunning but interestingly no one teach him these skills and tricks.

He learned all things with his own efforts. He spent hours to read and study tutorials on Google and Youtube and with the help of this automated knowledge he completed hardest tasks like weddings, bridal & couple shoots, close-ups, candid shots, product photography, portraits, portfolios, corporate coverage, landscapes, birthday parties, videography and other relevant work.

As a self-made camera person his every click is an achievement. However perfection is not so easy because his journey has no destination … but his dedication and hard working will prove one day that “dreams can be true”.

At other hand, he taught SEO, Search Engine Optimization and become an expert in a very different and typical computerized world.

At the same time he turned into motivational speaker and uploaded some remarkable videos on his own channel with the motive to teach others that what is life and how we can spend it in useful ways and terms.

He is fond of new experiments in life so he created a website which can provide knowledge and information to every person regardless of age and gender.

“Blog Mandi” is a new achievement of Syed Shaz Gilani. It is his sole “Brain Child”. He is working as Chief Executive Officer of this “Unique Informative Mart” where you can obtain your required facts and data at the price of “Login” only.