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Atlanta’s Top 5 Places to Visit


5 Famous Places Of Atlanta


Atlanta is always famous among tourists because of its amazing sites. For tourists their present most advance transportation system with economical fare. If we talk about hotels they also exceptionally outstanding and also very cheap so anyone come across to visit Atlanta can easily afford them. Amazing tourist’s sites of Atlanta offers great entertainment for everybody. Most of the tourists places situated in downtown or midtown of the city. So if you are setting up your vacations, Atlanta is one to be considered. Here is the list of five places which you never going to miss while touring Atlanta.

1. Georgia Aquarium


It is the world biggest aquarium which is located in downtown near centennial Olympic Park. It was opened for tourists in 2005 having a lot of different species of fish. It is one of the attractive sites for tourists who visits Atlanta and also famous amongst kids. In aquarium, management also facilitate with sleepovers for families and also for large groups.

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2. World of Coca-Cola


Another amazing place to visit in Atlanta is world of Coca-cola which was situated at 121 Baker Street. This is a big coca-cola site having various brands of coke. The excitement factors for tourists on this place are to enjoy process of bottling, 4-D theater and different flavors of coca-cola to drink. Adding up visitors also entertain with a free coca-cola bottle.

3. The Cyclorama and Civil War Museum


At number three Cyclorama Museum. It is situated in Grant Park of Atlanta. Cyclorama is famous for its inspiring panoramic view. This place is ideal for art lovers. Visitors enjoy the art of civil war and also 1862 locomotive stream in nearby museum. The historic art comprise with 42 feet landscape painting at fore front, civil war arts and folk arts. This amazing place reminds you the story of civil war with amazing photographs and weapons.

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4. Cable News Network Center


Don’t be confused with the name. Yes CNN stands for Cable News Network. International headquarters of the world famous news channel CNN is situated in Marietta Street. CNN offered visitors to visit their weather room, special effects areas and a classroom where they brief all about CNN network.

5. The Botanical Garden


Last but not the least Botanical Garden, it is situated in midtown of Piedmont Avenue. If you are looking the calmest places on earth Botanical Garden is one of them. You there found natural beauty surrounded with trees all around, natural sheds of flora. Garden is surrounded with 30 acres of trees with different kinds of flowers. Botanical Garden includes different places in it, children garden, rose garden and Japanese garden.



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