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14 Top Cheap & Free Attractions In Chicago

top free attractions in chicago

In America, Chicago is one of the best family vacation city for tourists. In Chicago you can enjoy beaches, zoos, cultural, historical and educational museums, amusement parks, sports, food, and late nightlife fun, in short, we can say that Chicago is the imaginary place in which as a family you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan, Grant Park, and many more things.

As a tourist, you think that to explore that “Windy City” is out of your budget but here you are wrong because in Chicago there is the number of surprises and free things for the tourist to enjoy throughout the year. There are many things on which Tourist Attractions in Chicago for free. In a few days, you can enjoy the beauty of Chicago with lots of fun and with no single penny.

In Chicago, there is a number of beaches and paths that are free. If you want to discover the places for kids then you can explore many places that are open and free for kids of different ages.

1. Lincoln Park Zoo:

Lincoln Park Zoo is a complete world of wildlife. The main aim of this park zoo is to connect people with nature by offering a free tour with the family. It is located in the heart of Chicago city. This park also offers good care of animals in zoo. There are many Tourist Attractions in Chicago for free, especially for animals and wildlife lover this attraction is best for them, e.g. you experience lion roar, gorillas climb trees, etc.

2. The Chicago Botanic Garden:

The Chicago Botanic Garden consists of 300 acres of land with 8 different lakes with sea flows, and a variety of different plants. Plant and flower lovers from all over the world prefer Japanese and English garden but in Chicago, this garden is mostly used for outdoor events. For green life lovers and especially for Tourist Attractions in Chicago for free, so that they can fully enjoy nature.

3. Millennium Park:

Millennium Park is a public park that is famous for art, music and many architectural designs. It is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. During summer concerts also held in this park. Kids can also enjoy this park under the Crown fountain. For kids, there is also another enjoyment known as BP Bridge that also connects this park with front of the lake. If you visit this park for the first time then you can meet with the specialist who gave advice to you about your park visit.

4. Grant Park:

It is the main park in Chicago. It is situated between Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan. This park has many bridges, railway tracks also pass through these bridges. Grant Park is divided into many sections, e.g. lawns, trees, etc. A statue of Abraham Lincoln is the most important thing about this park. The only thing that attracts the tourist is the Buckingham Fountain; the structure of this fountain attracts the people as water shooting 150feet in the air, now the color spotlight also added in it to make this fountain more attractive.

5. Navy Pier:

Navy Pier is known as the most visited place as this is the common Tourist Attraction in Chicago For Free. It is situated on Lake Michigan. While through Ferris wheel you can enjoy the beautiful view of Chicago. In it there are many other attractions like IMAX Theater, Children’s Museum, boat rides, etc. it is totally free for all types of people, there is an only entrance fee for a museum but that is also free on Thursday.

6. The Field Museum:

In Chicago, there is also a history museum, known as The Field Museum. This Museum explores the natural history of T-Rex, African animals, bugs, etc. This museum attracts people of different age groups.

7. The Museum Of Science And Industry:

The Museum of Science and Industry is also known as the center of science and industry with pieces of thrown from different places. In this museum there is an also repaired vehicle of World War II such as German submarine and Boeing 727 that look artificial but impress people a lot. This museum also arranges many communicating exhibitions that gave too much knowledge. If you want to visit museum in Chicago and you have not much time to visit all museums then go with this museum.

8. The Shedd Aquarium:

The Shedd Aquarium is situated on Lake Michigan and the best option for the people who wants to explore the living world. It is known as the world’s biggest indoor aquarium. In it, there are more than 8000 animals with more than 700 species from different parts of the world.

9. Adler Planetarium:

At the Adler Planetarium, you can explore outer space. This location is best for tourists because you can experience space very closely, e.g. Sky Pavilion, Milky Way, etc. The exhibition also arranges in Adler Planetarium.

10. The Art Institute Of Chicago

For art lovers, this institution of art is best to enjoy all types of art. This institution is famous for French Performers, early Greek, and Roman pottery, and for Japanese art. If you are an art lover then you can easily find out the art of your choice. For art lovers and Tourist art Attractions in Chicago for free.

11. Wrigley Ville:

If you plan to visit Chicago then your trip never complete without visiting Wrigley Ville. This Ville is the home for Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs. If you are cub lovers then you have to buy tickets but if you not then you can play catching games and enjoy in this historical park of Chicago.

12. Brookfield Zoo

It is the biggest Zoo with almost 2700 animals and species. This zoo comprises 216 acres of land. The homes for animals designed like natural homes with deserts, jungles, and mountains. If you want to visit this zoo in a day you never complete your visit because of its too much big size.

13. International Museum Of Surgical Science

If you want to explore the history of surgery then you must visit the International Museum of Surgical Science. But you must go on Tuesday because there is no entrance fee on Tuesday.

14. Spertus Museum:

This museum is best for knowledge of Jewish history and culture. But it is free on Friday.

Chicago is a very beautiful city with the friendly environment if you visit Chicago you want to visit again and again and every time you explore new things. You must plan to visit Chicago with your family. You get lots of knowledge with excitement. Once you visit Chicago you never forget your trip.

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