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History Of Hockey




All over the world 90% population like sports because of entertainment. In every sport there are physical activities engage in it. Many people love to watch sports on television where as other playing sports to maintain their body or to become energetic. Modern sports are totally different from old one because of advancement, equipments also become advance. But this fact is not implement on all sports, there is also many sports in which players still using old equipments.

Now people again develop their interest in early sports because of their too many benefits especially for human body. Same situation implement for hockey, hockey basically start in old time and still have its background in early sports. If you go through the history of hockey you come to know that it is very interesting and amusing as it start thousands of years before. Its mean it is too much old sport that still very famous in many countries.

If you conduct research about similar sports you come to know that field hockey and ice hockey is very much similar to each other because of their equipments. Both sports play with the help of hockey stick and ball. According to researchers it is almost 4000 years old sport. But in old time the rules and regulations of hockey is not too perfect. Now it become totally change and we play hockey with proper rules and regulations.

In old time players play hockey in different shapes of ground because there is no specific limitation for hockey. Different countries people played differently. E.g.

  • Beikou: it is a Chinese game that is similar to hockey and almost 1000 years old game.
  • Hurling: in Ireland people play hockey and name it as “hurling” and it is also very old as 3000 years before.
  • In Chile people play hockey in 16th
  • Other countries also play their role in introducing hockey like Egypt, Ethiopia, Roman, Greek etc.


In history of hockey it is not clearly define that when and who introduces hockey and ball for this sport so that to explain this concept is impossible because of no clarification. But it is very clarify that modern concepts of hockey came especially from England, Ireland and Scotland.

If we talk about 17th Century we come to know that England play a great role in shaping hockey that later change into modern hockey. They play hockey for competition, to beat against team with powerful game. In that type of game strong players selected by the team management for powerful competition, at the end many players got serious injuries too. You can call that type of game as “Cruel Game”. But after that many changes occur in this game to make this game pleasant. After changing game turns into safe and organize game.

In 18th Century London announced first Olympic Hockey Competition in which 3 countries take part, London, Ireland and Scotland. Ice Hockey is mainly came from field hockey. The proper hockey rules and regulations introduced in 18th century. This is very important year for hockey because hockey is officially introduced. Hockey got proper atmosphere after this announcement. USA again develops interest in this game.

In 19th Century hockey become famous in all over the world. And it’s equipments also become advance.

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