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Why Health Insurance Is Important?

why health insurance is important-blogmandi

In old days many people rejects the policies of ACA which means the important health insurance policy that is also reasonable for many people because of its effective functions. As the result rejection affect many people after this people start taking interest in insurance. Health insurance is very important for everyone.

No one predict about life but according to research that the death rate is higher in those people who have no insurance policy as compare to those who have proper health insurance policy. People who have no health insurance policy death rate areal so very high in them. During their hospitalization they become go in debt and depression too. All of a sudden they die during their treatment.

About 50% of population of any country survives without health insurance because they don’t know about the importance of health insurance. People mostly think that it is wastage of money, because they also have too much expenditures like house hold, loan etc. but research reveals that it is very important because you can save your money by following many other ways but never compromise on health.

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Without health insurance you make your life risky, because at the time of any disease you have to pay more for your treatment in that time your all saving become useless.


Many people think that health insurance is all about health care, this is not true it can also save you from money wastage. Health insurance is not as cheap but you can afford this easily, it is much better than money saving. As human being we can face any certain situation at any time, e.g. road accident, certain disease or any other thing, in that situation insurance favor you a lot because if you don’t have any health policy you have to pay much amount to hospital for treatment. Mostly people suddenly die because of this tension of money.


Death rate is very common in those people who have no health insurance policy. You can avail many advantages from this as;

  • Anticipation Care
  • Annual Check Up
  • Continuing Disease Management who deals allergic people, stress, asthma, diabetes or another disease.
  • Ladies get special care during pregnancy

But many people don’t give importance to health insurance as result they go hospital in very critical situation and mostly at their last stages, when doctor can’t do anything for them.Same case with pregnant ladies they don’t get proper treatment without insurance policy and their children also become uninsured. Uninsured people mostly consult with private doctors for their health issues.


If you visit your doctor after a long time then you must face problem in;

  • routine checkup
  • doctor’s recommendation
  • payment of medicine

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With routine checkup you can make your health care easy because of these services you can save yourself from many critical things.


Without health insurance you can’t be able to get cheap medicine such as antibiotics, allergic medicines, and other viral infection diseases. With the high prices of medicines it is not easy for uninsured people to afford these medicines for their treatment.


An uninsured person never take notice disease on its first stage, he wait for the last stage and then for the last option go to the doctor. As result he has to pay much money as doctor fee. He wastes all of his saving for treatment.

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