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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise


Best Guide To Lose Weight Fast


If you want to lose weight then dieting is good option for you but in dieting you need proper diet that keep your body with full of energy, that dieting process not make your body s lazy. First important thing is to search out that what are these weight lose diets that also keep your body in shape and also keep your skin fresh.

Many people suggest that in dieting; you drink much amount of water, drink fresh juices instead of drinking flavored juices but avoid chilled juices, use normally heated water and juices. The amount of liquid must be 1 liter for effective result. If you want to lose weight in short time period then must drink herbal tea without sugar. This is an effective way to lose weight fast and easily because in it dieting is not too compulsory. But if you go with dieting then you must follow these dieting routine to get effective results;

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  • BREAKFAST: Eat corn flakes that dip in milk but must keep in mind that milk must be without cream to avoid fats. With this take 2 slices of bread with cheese and 2 glasses of fresh orange juice.
  • 11-12 pm: After breakfast you can take some nuts at 11-12 pm.
  • LUNCH: you can take fresh vegetables salad, but take boiled vegetables e.g. tomatoes, onion, potatoes, olive and with these you can take 1 glass of fresh orange juice.
  • DINNER: in dinner you can eat boiled rice with boiled chicken or vegetable with fresh juice with lemon juice in it. Excessive uses of drinks are helpful in reducing weight fast.

You can follow this dieting schedule on daily basis for effective results. Orange juice is beneficial in weight losing because in orange juice there is much amount of vitamins, minerals, potassium and antioxidants in it. These all elements give you help in burning extra fats and calories of your body. You can get your desired results if you follow this schedule with proper exercise and maintain your limited calories on daily basis.


It is not compulsory to use orange juice every time; you can also make new drinks with orange juice by mixing other fruits in it. You can add boiled rice in orange juice for taste. You can also drink cocktail but without sugar. Sugar is not good in dieting.

In special event where you invite many friends you can also don’t want to disturb your dieting routine then must go with fresh juice instead of serving soft drinks. You can make new flavor juices by mixing different fruits and also use coffee instead of sugar to develop taste.  In simple words you make this juice with different fruits, coffee, milk and water, mix all these ingredients in blender and at the end add orange juice in it. This juice will maintain your body shape and also give you help in weight loss.

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When you select dieting plan for you, you never go with that plan that gives you harmful results with weight loss, because when you lose weight fast it is not good for your body. You become weak and loss energy too,not every diet is suitable for everyone. You must eat something when you feel weakness because every time hunger is not good. Above given dieting schedule is beneficial for your dieting but you can also add some eaten materials according to your need.

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