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Different Types of Healthcare

Different Types of Healthcare - Blogmandi


Health care is a planned technique in which you take care of your health on regular basis, it is not related with health and care of some specific organ but whole body care and health is included in it. This type of health care is provided by the some professionals that are specialized in specific field, e.g. doctors, nurse, dentist, psychologists, physicians etc. with the passage of time healthcare services become improved and advance in many countries of the world and also their technology become famous. In poor countries health care is very poor as compare to other countries. Healthcare is affected because of your social, financial conditions and also countries healthcare policies towards their people also affected people health condition. In many countries policies are totally different related to healthcare.

In many countries government announce proper healthcare structure for people so that they can fulfill their health needs. WHO (World Health Organization) prefer 3 things for healthcare

  • Paid professionals who treat patients in a professional way.
  • High quality medicines
  • Latest technologies.

With the help of these 3 things any country can maintain good health care system.


Every person wants different types of healthcare. It depend on their health condition, some people needs normal and routine care where as other want critical care because of their disease condition. Just because of the condition of patient healthcare is divided into different types; these types are as follow;


In primary healthcare the main focus is on new advancement of health care that is also according to social policies totally different from old method of healthcare. The main goal of this system is to offer special care to patients, but this care is only provided by specialist. These specialists are mainly experts in many fields such as mental, social and physical problems but they are not specialists in single field such as cancer, diabetes etc. Now Healthcare is very common in many countries, with the high ratio of diseases (diabetes, asthma, depression etc.)in young generation government also start focusing on healthcare to decrease the ratio of infections in people that can be long lasting.

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This type of healthcare is only provided by specialist who has special experience in specific field. But specialist don’t have direct link with patient, these specialist are as urologists,cardiologists and dermatologists etc. but for secondary healthcare there is need of primary healthcare but this is depending on country, because in many countries doctors are not giving permission to patient for secondary healthcare. This system is also name as “District Health system”.


In district health care the main focus is on children healthcare and pregnant women healthcare. The main function of this system is as;

  • Maximum number of people is involved in it, e.g. 25000-50000.
  • Number of healthcare centers and hospitals
  • They provide services for 24 hours
  • They also provide emergency service.

It is a big system in which focus transfer by District & community health systems. The services of country health system as follow;

  • Gynecologic Services
  • General Medicine Service
  • Obstetrics
  • General Surgery

They also provide services for 24 hours.

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This type is also known as “Specialized Consultative Healthcare”, in this system specialists mainly focus on patients that are transfer from primary and secondary health care system. They need advance treatment that is not provided on primary or secondary system. E.g.

  • Plastic surgery
  • burn treatment
  • cardiac surgery
  • cancer management
  • neurosurgery
  • complex medical
  • And surgical interventions etc.

This type of treatment is provided by “National Health System” that is mostly imposing in regional hospitals in which patient came from country hospital. They also provided special healthcare to patients for 24 hours.

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