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Car Insurance And Why It Is Important?

Car Insurance And Why It Is Important - blogmandi

When you pay the amount to car insurance company you become surprise to think that why you buy car insurance policy and what is the main aim of this policy. If you recently buy your own car and you drive this car as a new driver then it is annoying for you that you pay money every month and in return you get nothing. But if you think deeply you come to know that car insurance is too beneficial for you and it is not a type of any fraud. When you completely understand this then you become satisfied.


There are number of importance of car insurance policy; some importance’s are as follow;


If you go with the type of insurance which is very famous now a day is called as PLPD that is stands for Personal Liability and Property Damage. According to this auto insurance policy company pay amount only specific cases that is mention in agreement. Insurance is always unplanned. E.g. in many cases you buy auto insurance and you face an accident but still you not able to claim with company because it is against their law. Many people at this point think that their decision to buy car insurance was totally wrong. PLPD never recover your physical damage. But they offer you other type of accidents you face.

  • If you become damage or hospitalized then company pay you money for your treatment, it is according to their law.
  • If your property become damage
  • The company pays all the bills of your hospital.

The main advantage of PLPD is that you can save yourself from court cases. E.g. if you face accident with car, then against party will demand money from you. If you have no car insurance policy then you have to pay all amounts to recover the damage of front party. Car insurance is not too cheap; many people can’t afford to buy this policy so government of many states introduces PLPD so that every car owner can buy this policy easily. For claim anything there is need of car insurance policy, but for this you have to pay monthly amount to company as advance. If you face no accident or any injury then you policy rate become minor. With the passage of time with car insurance policy you become legal and become safe too.


When you face any accident and want to claim this for amount then amount is based on your selection of coverage. Own car is a main expenditure and its safety is also very important. Coverage is for specific damage but with rules and regulation. There are two types of Coverage;


It handles all things except collision, e.g. fire, storm, theft etc. it is also called roadside assistance. But it is compulsory to get collision coverage.


It is in case of every type of accident. But for this policy fee is very important to pay. It is in case of incident when you don’t know about the damage that who done this.


If you face any mechanical damage that is affected your vehicles outside such as fire, crash or anything then car insurance company not give you amount. If you have any warranty related to mechanical damage then not every type of repair done by company.

Mainly the car insurance is for some incident not for maintenance. If you think that you get bigger amount then you pay to insurance company then it is good for you. Car insurance is the type of car protection. Car accident is very common now days. So you can claim your damage.

Every country imposes different type of car insurance laws for every car holder person. In many countries it is compulsory to buy car insurance otherwise you must face punishment. Car insurance is for everyone e.g. for you and for front party. It is important to pay all amounts to car insurance company to get benefits.

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