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7 Classic Political Films To Watch

7 Classic Politics Films To Watch - Blogmandi

Sometimes it gets difficult to watch movies related to politics whether it was based on foreign or domestic issues. This is not a reason that these movies subject are too boring or unattractive but as citizens we don’t pretend to pay attention on such issues. Movies on politics can change your thinking or vision about so many thing and can effect emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially.

However if you are a true fan of cinema, you will definitely show your curse to understand the grace and beauty of political based movies. Now question arises where to start? For your convenience here is the list of 7 classic political films to watch.

The Manchurian Candidate (Original 1962 Version):

Movies covered almost all topics like Sleeper Agents, The Korean War, Brain Washing, Cold War, McCarthyism and Assassinations. Movies cast is outstanding, you can’t miss the performance of Angela Lansbury.

All The President’s Men:

Movie is based on famous Watergate Scandal presented in The Washington Post which makes it more addictive. This movie is also presented for Oscar several times.

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Bulworth released in 1998. Movie is based on a politician who wants to be truly honest with his voters by upsetting the time and speech of culture.


Election is a black comedy drama film released in 1999. Movie is all about high-school politics with a lot of drama, humor and with unique political strategies. If you want a killer movie go for this it rocks.


Dave released in 1993, it is American political comedy film. Movie story is about a regular guy who wants to be a president of America.


Milk released in 2008, it is American film. Movie is based on gay rights and Harvey Milk who was the first politician elected in Public Office California as a member of San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

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Dr. Strangelove:

Dr. Strangelove released in 1964. It is a political black comedy movie that is based on the cold war fears between the Soviet Union and United States. We can’t say anything more about this. Just watch this movie and you will get your all answers. It is a blinder.


Optimistically, you got a nice collection of politics based movies. All you need to do just watch these movies for thriller and drama. This list hopefully provides you better option to get entertainment out of it. These all movies are just to keep you away from your real life for a while.

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