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How To Make Money With Google Adsense


Now a day’s one topic is very familiar among online webmasters and that topic is “How to make money with Google AdSense?” Google AdSense is the biggest and easiest source of online earning, and there is also no need of investment for online earning. You just need to follow 3 steps;

  • Spend few hours on internet to create your own website or blog
  • Attract people towards your website/blog and increase traffic
  • Start earning

Todays in Web world Google is a biggest search engine. But still many people don’t know that How to make money with Google AdSense. But on the other hand many online webmasters earn much money from this source.You can earn money from Google AdSense as part time or full time. Much online webmaster start online earning as part time job but when they earn much more than day time job, they quit that job and start online earning as full time.


The most important thing for online earning is traffic on your website or blog.

  • If you have enough traffic then you can apply for Google AdSense account and after receiving code from Google team you can put this code on your website/blog.
  • But follow all terms and conditions of Google to avoid any difficulty in future.
  • You can also use different types of pictures, banners, videos and links on your website/blog to get traffic
  • Google automatically plays the ads that link with your website links. E.g. if you have recipes website then Google shows all the ads related with recipes.
  • If anyone clicks on your ads, you’re earning start immediately. Top keywords give you much income as compare to other keywords, so you earn different as because of keywords.
  • You can also check your income on Google AdSense
  • You can withdraw your money when your income reached to 100 dollars.

If you want to earn money by using Google AdSense then keep in mind one thing that it is not as an easy task nor too difficult, it is totally depends on your patience and website traffic. If you constantly work for few months then your earning start rapidly. You can earn more and more if your traffic increases with big amount. Google also earn some percentage of your earning e.g. if you earn 1+ dollar on one click then you have to pay some amount to Google and remaining is your earning.

If you research on “How to make money with Google AdSense?” you come to know that many webmasters earn much money on daily basis but if you search that “How to earn much money in 7 days” then it is impossible, because earning is depend on traffic which you get on daily basis constantly.

The percentage of online earning is also different for everyone, some people earn 1000$/day but other earns only 100$. There are certain steps which must be following by you for online earning; these steps are as follow;

  • Sign up with Google AdSense
  • Put ads on your website/blog, e.g. 3-4 ads on home page.
  • SEO of your website
  • Social bookmarking
  • Website directories
  • Local listing

By follow these steps you can earn much money by attract number of people. The main benefit of Google AdSense is that it needs no investment. You can also do this on part time basis as spends only few hours. After few months when traffic start and you earn more and more you can quit your job.

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