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How Can I Start Making Money Online

How Can I Start Making Money Online - blogmandi


In today’s world mostly people choose one option out of 2, whether they want to making money online quickly or they want long lasting and supportive results of their earning. Now days there are many ways, by using these ways you can start making money online. It is not as difficult task as many people think. But for online or offline work you must need discipline.

If you want to search the answer of “how can i start making money online” then you can find out many ways that can give you help to earn more and more but in which some of the ways can give you immediate results and earning so that you can fulfill your basic needs easily but most of ways give you positive results but after some times. But the most important is to select the way carefully for making money online.

In the whole world there are 7-8 billion people, when you select the way you must keep in mind that people wants two things; more money & more time. If you prefer money on time then keep in mind that you earn money, spend it or you save money or waste all your money but one time money reached to its low level and become finish. But time can never come back. If you have no time then online earning is difficult for you. Here we explain some effective methods to earn money, by using these methods you can earn money on internet very easily but for this you have to learn all process behind it.


It is not necessary to focus on the method you select for the online earning but important is this whether that method encourage you or not? In online working there are a lot of difficulties. If you are interested in online earning then give preferences this job as part time job. On internet you can find many ways to earn online, e.g. blogging, attract people and make you audience. But blog is not compulsory to start earning you can also find out many other ways. But if you select blogs for your earning then it is most effective means of earning.


If you want to earn money online quickly then app economy is best for you. Now whole world is connected with each other so it is too easy to earn online with app economy. You can also use smartphone for app economy to earn more. On internet you can find out many types of apps like ride sharing, deliveries and many other tasks etc.


If your location is suitable for Uber or any other ride sharing app then you can easily make much money. There is no restriction of time and you can work according to your comfort. You can also drive car with full time job to earn some extra money.


Post mates are still important in many areas of your country. In many areas you don’t even need car to deliver but you can also post by using bike. You can also earn money by using this app.


IBOTTA is a cash back reward app. In this app you buy something from retailor, you add returns, go for shopping and  then capture picture of your shopping receipt to earn money it is very effective method.


It is also work like IBOTTA but in this app there is no need of receipt photo you can buy anything online on this app and app automatically gives you cash rewards.


In this app there are many ways for earning online.

  • Online shopping
  • Watching videos
  • Survey
  • Surfing etc.

You can get cash rewards or discount cards.


This is also very famous app to earn online, in this there are also many task involved such as;

  • Watch TV
  • Conduct survey
  • Online shopping

They also offer cash back offer.


For earn money you can also use current websites. In it active and passive both type of income are involved. E.g. you can sell your used items on internet. You can also must give your time to passive income to generate results. These current websites also have their own apps, but they generate less amount profit. If you want to do long lasting profit then photography, wen development, graphic designing and online marketing is good for you. These current websites are as follow;


This website is working from many years but now they also give opportunities to people to earn online by using this website.

  • You can sell your used items on this website
  • You can also give your house room for rent
  • Work as freelancer
  • UP WORK:

You can serve your professional services here. You only have to offer your services here and there is need of no money, account, and website anything. But there is too much competition here.


Cafe press is a digital designing website;you can make your designs and then sold these on this website. You can also earn commission but your services are to provide design nothing else. This side is very famous among people for digital designing.


This is also a service offer website. You can offer any type of services here. You can also charge for your services e.g. from 5$ to so on. It is very effective result giving website for earning.

  • ETSY:

This is a website to sell handmade items. There is no need of any account or anything. You must have to pay commission to company and also pay fee then company sells your items in market.


These are the best websites of photography but there is need of design software kills. It is also effective mean of income.


It is also same like cafe Press. You can promote your digital designs on t-shirts, mobile phone covers, towels etc.


You can also make your website and well your items there. But as beginner you need official website and account, you also need a merchant account. But for selling your stuff your need proper process e.g. full web designing, sale it, attract people and also promote your products. You must also need e commerce software that is requiring for all customer services. If there is no traffic on your website then give focus on this point and attract people towards you.Use social media plate form to attract number of people.


You can also make your own store on shopify, for this purpose you can also use plugin and also create your blog top remote your business. But for payment you need a certificate. But you have to give lot of time to this business to sell products.


This is a largest store in the whole world on which you can easily selling your product. By using this plate form you can avoid tension that can come with your own business plate form.


You can sell your high ticket consulting and coaching things of your website here. But this work like shopify so you need all professional things. But you can earn money from this plate form.


Many companies offer partnership for selling your product on commission, but for this you need a research by doing research you can easily search best company for your product selling.

In many cases official website and traffic is compulsory to sell your products. You can sell your products as partner. But if you have traffic then you can build your own plate form easily.


If you seriously want to earn money the blogging is best option for you because it is effective and easy way to earn money. But for blogging you need;

  • Proper set up
  • Right audience
  • Right content writing
  • Right offers

All these things are needed to run blog. You can earn a lot from blog. Many people think that it is very difficult to run blog. But when you understand all process you come to know that it is very easy. Your domain name also matter a lot. You can sell your items by writing blogs.


Money is the most important thing in life. If you want to do online marketing then e mail software is necessary that can attract people and increase your sale. You can also make estimated list by using this you can get idea that you can earn 1$ with one subscriber. If you have 1000+ subscribers then you can earn 1000+$ per month.

Here we come to know about many ways by using these ways you can increase your traffic. E.g. eBooks, checklists etc. you can also add PDF articles and videos. Always move with your audience.


It is most efficient ways to earn money. According to research if you do webinar for a week in a whole year then at the end of the year you become rich. What you need is audience that understands you and also some online existence. People can also do all this without all these things. Social media followers are important for you. Training is also important for them to understand that what they have to do.


Method of making money is not important; important is that you understand that how you can earn quickly online. But for earning money you must have patience because may be your earning start after one year. Time is most precious than money. Gove focus on those things that can give you effective results.

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